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Filibuster of DADT

Posted in Uncategorized on September 29, 2010 by tattoohero

I do realize this is old news, but I still want to comment on it.  People should love the GOP after this one.  Sen. Collins of Maine voted yes to get this out of committee and onto the Senate floor, but would not vote for cloture because her and the GOP want nothing added to the Arms Appropriations bill which this was an amendment to.  Just like it was when it was first passed.

If it was a stand alone bill, Collins claims she would vote yes, but will not vote yes because it is added to another bill.  Sen. LeMieux of Florida, my dickhead appointed backstabbing Senator, will not be the ONLY GnOP member to vote yes.  This guy has no guts to vote for what is right.  Nothing but a No man for the GOP.

This crap must end, it must end now.  There is no proof that gays will hurt the military.  Other countries do not have a problem.  So, what is the problem in America?  Besides homophobia?  Nothing.   Straight Alpha-males don’t understand that gay men can be an Alpha-male too.


The Crazy in Delaware

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I had a friend ask me a few weeks ago if I was catching the crazy in Delaware?  Yes, but I  hadn’t commented on any of it.  I just don’t know what to say about this level of crazy.  She is bringing in the cash for her campaign.  I have not seen any new Bill Maher on HBO since he has been back on the air.  He is airing clips of her making outrageous comments on his show in the past.

OMG, this woman should never be elected dog catcher, let alone Senator.  She is a piece of work that is working out of Palin’s book.  Just keep saying stupid things and people will keep giving you money.  BS is good.  Truth is bad.  Please, people of Delaware, do not vote this nutjob Senator.  Please.

Stupid People in America

Posted in Politics, Social on September 23, 2010 by tattoohero

I think I have finally made my mind up on what to rant about today.  It may be almost 1:30am, but to me it is still today.   Anyway, I am sick and tired of stupid people in America.  They seem to think President Obama is the anti-Christ, socialist,  or a damn commie.  Obama is none of these things.
Do stupid people actually believe all of our problems can be solved in less than two years when it took decades to cause the problems?   Seriously, if they really feel that way, then they are truly stupid.  I don’t get them.  The Republicans fucked up in a major way.  They did some free spending when our debt and having wars on two fronts without paying for any of them.   They don’t care about anyone or anything except their own ass and fucking MONEY for them.   You not so much.

Are the Democrats any better?  Not really, but they do a better job of trying, key word is trying, to make things better for the lower/middle class.   They still make laws that cater to big business, but are trying to do the right thing.  Sometimes doing the right thing is doing the wrong thing, but what the Republicans are doing is beyond wrong.  They want to fuck the people over and hand over our Government to big business.

If people are still that stupid and naive, then we will keep going backwards.  Which is a horrible thing.  This is a thing that can be fixed, but not if the Republicans have their way.  They don’t want Americans to have health care, they don’t want Americans to serve openly as a gay/lesbian in the military.  Hell, some want to make homosexuality illegal.  Not sure how that will work, but they will try it.

What about smaller government?  How is creating laws that cost the tax dollars of a state to fight a suit that they will lose small government?  Do people understand that?  How about those running for office that are batshit crazy talking about removing programs with no idea on how to help people who really need it.

Where are the jobs?  The jobs are overseas with the blessing of our Government giving these companies a fucking tax break to do it.  What fucking moron thought that was a good idea?  I am also sick and tired of people blaming NAFTA for the lack of jobs.  NAFTA was non-partisan treaty that both sides wanted.  Daddy Bush wanted it signed before he left office, but it did not get done.   That treaty has hurt Mexico along with us, but people are too stupid to actually see it.

We have stupid people blaming everything on the Democrats like everything is their fault.   That is anything but the truth.  When will Americans actually wake up, read a book, or watch a documentary to get informed.  Has our education system failed us that much?  Or are people too much like fucking sheep that they believe anything they hear from the crazy right like Rush, Beck, or any one else from Fox News.

The problems are from both sides, but which side is actually trying to do something for the people and not for big business.  Is every Democrat for the people?  Of course not, Bill Nelson of Nebraska has proven that time and time again the past two years.

Wake the fuck up people.   We, as a country, can not continue to move backwards.  If we vote the Republicans back into power in November, we will do just that.  Move backwards.

What to Rant about??

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I have several different topics to get pissed off about.  I just don’t know which topic to hit today.  Do I bitch about DADT that the fucks in the Senate filibustered yesterday?  Do I complain about the GOP wanting to de-fund the health care bill that is only six months old?  Do I go off about special interest still wanting to keep marijuana illegal?  Or about the stupidity of the American people?
I will be back later when I made my mind up.   Damn, too many things to rant about and no idea which topic to rant about first.  Damn.

What Is Wrong With Montana?

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What is wrong with Montana?  Seriously?  They are working on making laws that state being gay is illegal.  What the fuck is this utter shittiness of a state?  It is one of a few state I have no desire to visit, but my fucking God, what is wrong with people?

There is no curing homosexuality.  It is not a disease.  It is as natural as being straight.  No gay person, male or female, wakes up and goes, “I think I will be gay today.  Tomorrow, not so sure.”  Some struggle with it, but that is because society and churches put a lot of bull shit into people’s head about what THEY should be.

You must be straight.  You must bear children.  You must marry and be fruitful even though the planet as a whole is populated.  Have more fucking children.  Sorry, but that is how I feel.
This type of crap must stop.   What are people thinking?  Do they want stupid bigoted laws that fuck them over?  They say you should treat people how you want to be treated.  But if you look at the GOP, they want to fuck people over.  Which means come November, they need to be fucked over when it comes to people voting for this type of nonsense.

Anniversary of 11 September 2001

Posted in Politics, Social on September 11, 2010 by tattoohero

Today is the ninth anniversary of the attacks of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and flight 93.  We should morn those that died that day, but not to make this day a hate and intolerance.  Today is not a day for politicizing fear or hate of Islam.  Today needs to be a day for TOLERANCE!  Not ignorance and hate.

Nine years ago today, I got up about 11am EDT like I always did.  I work night and do not go to bed until 3am.  I turned on the TV to ESPN to watch Sportscenter like I did every day before work.  Instead of Sportscenter, I got ABC News.  Right then and there I knew something bad had happen.  I went to work that day and the days after that.  Things in my life stayed the same.

Don’t get me wrong I was very angry right after the attacks, but as more and more time went by, I  saw the mistakes made and being made by the Government.  I agreed with going into Afghanistan, but Bush fucked that up by going into Iraq in 2003.  I think now we need to just bring our troops home, because there is no winning there.  No winning in Iraq for that matter.

We got told the days after the attack to keep on shopping and go to work.   Did Bush actually think people would stop working or buying crap?  Seriously?  Did that fool actually believe that?  When we were attacked on 7 December 1941, we were attacked by an actually country and military.   Not like 11 September 2001 we were attacked by mostly people from Saudi Arabia, but it wasn’t the military.   Just a group of nut jobs that want to harm Americans and try to bring our Government down.

It could happen, but not on the manner intended.  We will implode from within but all the hate that was just simmering under the surface.  I think it has been simmering since the late sixties and after the civil rights movement.  Those that hate could no longer do so in the open and just went under ground with it and now it has imploded with President Obama election in 2008.

We do not have to hate Muslims.  Christians are no better.  I do not care of they think they are better.  They are not better.  To me all religion is full of shit and just want to control people.   On that note, today should be a day of remembrance and be tolerant of others.  Not everyone that died that day was a Christian.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Posted in Social on September 10, 2010 by tattoohero

Yesterday a judge declared that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is Unconstitutional.  About damn time.  This is something that should have happened years ago, but it just a policy that was bullshit to begin with.  This is a step in the right direction.  Just like the overturning of Prop 8 in California.

Gays and lesbians are humans too and they need to be treated as such.  How many good troops no matter the branch have been booted out over bigotry?  Way too many.  Seriously, why would they want to serve when they are treated like second class citizens?  They serve because they want to defend their country even if there are idiots that hate their guts just for being who they are.

Hopefully, the USSC will not fuck this up.  I can see that court fucking everyone but big business over now days, which is very hurtful to Americans as a whole.  Soon we can hope that all of the gay and lesbians can serve openly and without fear of their life.

Maybe someday America will catch up to the rest of the civilized world.  Yesterday, we took a small step.