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Posted in Social on October 22, 2010 by tattoohero

I have been playing this video game called Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games.  This game is set in the last remaining part of the wild west in 1910.  Which is Arizona, which was not a state until 1912 and New Mexico which became a state in 1907 and northern Mexico.  Within this game you can watch movies.  They are silent films like they were back then.

There is one thing I pondered after watching one of the little movies that was brought to the screen by the Temperance movement and the anti-saloon league.  We tired to legalize morality when we put a prohibition on liquor.   We created an Amendment to outlaw booze.  Did that stop people from drinking?  Of course not, it just made it illegal.  Which put liquor in the hands of criminals and it started a HUGE crime spree.  The Depression of the 30’s did not help any when people have no money and no job.
I suppose what I am getting at is this.  Prohibition does not work.  It turn normal people into criminals and it makes the criminals rich.  Same thing is going on now with marijuana.  It is making gangs both in the US and Mexico rich and causing all type of violence.  Telling average people they can NOT do something that can be harmless if the person does not over do it.  Which is true with a lot of things in life.

One segment of the community can not put their morals as laws.  All it does is cause violence in the community because those laws create criminals.