Shopping on Thanksgiving/Black Friday

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, Thanksgiving was a time for family.  Nothing was open not even the grocery store.  I did live in a small town with a population roughly about 2,500.  It was time you spent with family members you don’t see very often.  We always went to my grandmother’s house in Missouri.  We lived in Kansas, so the drive was only a few hours, but we always spent the weekend.  It was a time I loved because I got to see cousins I didn’t get to see very much because my uncle served in the Marines.  This was the only time of the year, I could see these family members.  We’d sit around the TV watching football all day or napping something both.

As I said before, Thanksgiving day, none of the stores where open.  Over the years, grocery stores started to stay open until noon so people could get the last-minute things for your meal.  Gas stations on the highways were open, but retail stores were never ever open.

Police, fire, and medical service jobs are never a straight 9-5 job.  There is someone working those jobs 24-hours a day.  Holidays included.  These jobs are essential jobs.   Who are you going to call when your dumb uncle didn’t thaw out the turkey properly before trying to fry it and burns the crap out of himself?  Yup, that’s right, you’re calling the fire department.  These people love what they do.  They love helping people.  That is why they do those types of jobs.  They know when they take these jobs, they can work any shift on any day.

Even people in broadcast media know they don’t get holidays off.  The person working at the utility company, might get called in to work for an emergency outage.  These jobs are essential.  Holidays off are not an option.  Typically, they do get a holiday off every once in a while, or get a schedule easier for them to have dinner with their family.

That is what is important.  Spending time with your family.  Is it too much to ask that people get one day a year off to have that time with their family?

Since when is shopping for a cheaply made item from China more important than spending time with your family?

To those that feel that it is okay to work on Thanksgiving because there are jobs that require it.  Retail jobs are not, I repeat, are not, essential.  Being closed for one day, doesn’t not hurt anyone.  Believe it or not, being closed on Thanksgiving doesn’t hurt the big box stores at all.   If a small business can close for a day, so can the big box stores.

Is it too much to have some civility while shopping?  Is going to jail over towels or a parking space worth it?  People are fighting over these things and the police and ambulance are being called.   Link  Nothing is worth fighting over.  If you can’t get it today, you’ll be able to get it later.  At the same price?  Probably not, but again, I ask….Is going to jail over a parking space worth it?  Is a trip to the hospital worth it?  Did you really save any money?  I doubt an ER bill saved you much money when you wanted to save bucks on a cheap TV or laptop.

Stores being open on Thanksgiving and how they do their sales are Black Friday are excellent examples of GREED!  That is all it is.  Pure unadulterated greed.  Where are these family values I keep hearing about?  Of course these are the same people who defend Wal-Mart’s dirty business practice too.  I’m not against profit, but I am against profit at  the expense of the worker.  When greed rules everything, when stockholders are the only ones who are important, then we, as a country, have lost our way.  This country wasn’t built by white-collar jobs.  It was built by hard, manual labor.

Thanksgiving is a day meant to be spent with family and be thankful for what you have.  It was not meant to be another day of Black Friday.  Which really started last weekend.  Next year, Halloween will be the beginning of Black Friday sales.  Hell, why not?  More sales are good right?  Fighting over a $29 tablet is good.  Buying crap you don’t need on credit because you don’t have the cash to buy is it good?

People need to think about that.  Buying crap you don’t need with the bank’s money and you pay interest on it.  Or pay off the balance.  Those people I don’t get.  If you had the cash, why didn’t you use that instead.  Why give money to the bank unnecessarily?  Even if you pay off the balance every month, the bank is still making money off of you.  Fees, baby, fees.

People of this country need to step back and think what is important.  Family and community vs buying cheaply made crap from China on a day we’re suppose to give thanks.



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