My Review of Dragon Age:Inquisition

First off, I’m not a paid professional, I’m a gamer.  I have not completed the game yet, but what I’ve seen so far is making it hard for me to continue.

I own a copy for the Xbox360.  I’ve not really played on my console for the past 18 months.  I own Dragon Age:Origins and Dragon Age 2 on PC, but I don’t like the controls on PC, so I passed on getting the PC version because I have everything for both games on my Xbox.  Yes, I own two copies of the other Dragon Age games.  I highly doubt I’ll do the same for Inquisition, unless EA gives it away like they did with Origins.
Graphics for the Xbox360 are horrible.  Mass Effect 3 looks better and that game is 30 months old.  The Frostbite engine is junk when it comes to the older consoles.  This makes me wish BioWare had just released it on the new consoles and PC.   I had zero expectations for the game and I’m very disappointed.

The graphics are junk, the load times are over one minute.  I timed one at 72 seconds.  Really?  Over a minute for load times?  That is completely unacceptable.  Mass Effect 3 didn’t take that long.  Again, Mass Effect 3 is a 30 month old game.  It looks better and runs better.  Different engine too, Unreal.

They have difficulty settings.  Casual, normal, hardcore, and nightmare.  I like to play on casual.  If I want a challenge, I’ll turn up the difficulty.  But I don’t.  I want to see the story not die 10 times trying to close a rift.  I’m on casual and dying way too much.  The loot drops are junk, nothing worth using.  Schematics are nice, but I don’t want to spend most of my time getting mats to make stuff.  The game should drop useful stuff, but so far, it’s not.

I wanted to love this game, but I don’t.  I’m very frustrated with it.  I should not have issues beating enemies on casual, but I am.  I shouldn’t need to use the tactical to get people were they’re needed on the easiest setting.  I didn’t in the other two games, but BioWare seems to force that in the third installment.

The only thing keeping me playing is I want to see the story.  That’s good enough, but the graphics, long load times plus getting beat down on casual is making it hard to keep playing.  Which is sad because I really liked the other two Dragon Age games.


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