Reagan and GOP Policies

I can’t have an intelligent conversation and be restricted to 140 characters.  I just can’t

Reagan is not one of the best President ever.  He’s the start of the acceleration of the decline of middle class.  While the Democratic Party has enabled the bad behavior, the problems facing the country are at the feet of the GOP.  Massive tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the working people.  link  Take note on the last graph, highest bar is Reagan.

You can not give a bunch of tax breaks to corporations and think that money is going to stimulate the economy.  It hasn’t because if it did, the ecomony wouldn’t have crashed in December 2007 and lasted for over a year.  The Bush tax cuts added trillions to the debt, Medicare Part D was unfunded.  Two wars were also unfunded until Obama took over in 2009.  Reagan actually added to the debt, raised taxes while doing so, cared nothing for the LGBT community even though his own friends where dying of AIDS, Rock Hudson.

Reagan should have died in prison for Iran-Contra scandal and should have resigned during his second term because mentally he wasn’t there, Alzheimer’s and what not.  HW Bush was not out of the loop.  Ollie North took one for the team on that.

You say fair?  I’ll explain corporate greed to you via my actual experience with it.   Cracker Barrel Old Country Store are a restaurant/retail store hybrid, I worked for them for 10 years give or take.  They might be in Idaho, but there are no stores in California.  Property cost too much.  They rather flood the Southern States with 6 stores in an area with maybe 1 million people.  Anyway, I started there in November 1998.  Worked my way to better pay, to earn the better benefits then the turn of the century happened.  Every year starting around 2002 we lost a little of our benefit package, while the company was still making a profit, still opening new stores.  The more stores they opened the more benefits they took away.   My husband worked for them for 15 years and refuses to step foot inside one because of how they treated people towards the end, before he quit to be a manager a BK.  Which now he’s a 4th year electrician apprentice.

I saw them cutting people’s hours not because the person didn’t do the work because they needed to cut labor at all cost even if the cook had to cook by themselves and do over $500 in business that hour.  Normally for sales over that there’s two people in the kitchen.  I did many hours on Saturday’s alone doing anywhere between $600 and $800 hours and that’s a lot of food going out the kitchen door when the average cost per person was around $8-9

Lost my stock options, lost good insurance to the point t he policy they offered for the 2009 calendar year was an utter joke.  Seven office visits per year and if you have a sick child, no way is seven office visits going to be enough.  Any after that was out of pocket.  All because they felt the employees didn’t need those things.  Too many people to give it to, so they’d just removed them as benefits.  That’s corporate greed.  The shareholder getting their dividend is more important than the 100 people per store average or up to anyway.  When you have over 400 stores, maybe more, been 7 years since I worked for them.

I hope you understand companies like BP got a tax break on the fine they got for the spill in the Gulf.  That should never happen, ever.  We give massive tax breaks to big corporations and their employees struggle to make ends meet.  That’s no fair.  It’s not fair the tax burden on hedge fund manager has a smaller percentage in taxes than someone working a blue collar job like plumber, electricians.

The taxes the federal government received before income taxes became the new thing was via tariffs and I would love for them to return.  Because that would force American businesses to return to the US because having the tariff would cost more.  Shipping would be more expensive to ship from China to the US vs making something in the US.  We need to get back to that and it’s not automation taking jobs, it’s greed at sending jobs to the country with the fewest labor laws.  I’m tired of cheaply made underwear falling apart a few hours after putting a brand new pair on.

Buying American made products was a matter of pride.  I remember WalMart proudly selling American made product then Sam Walton died and the kids took over and look what WalMart has become.   They’re shutting down stores in areas the really shouldn’t have added them.  You wouldn’t catch me dead in a WalMart.  There are better places to shop and the ones around me are incompetent.  Manager says, my computer here says we h ave it, goes in back, comes back not even five minutes later saying its out of stock.  Either your computer lied to you and your cashiers aren’t ringing stuff up correctly or you really didn’t look for what we were needing.  Been about eight years since I went to MaulMart as I like to call them.  I’ll stop saying that when I stop seeing stories of idoitic behavior over cheap items like fifty cent towels(2014)

I remember the union ladies singing about the union label and look for it on clothes then the 80’s happened and the clothing industry starting making stuff overseas.  NAFTA didn’t help but to put that on Clinton is wrong when it was a treaty that saw both US and Canada have head of state changes and was HW Bush’s baby.

You can not have minimum wage at $7.25 per hour, it’s $8.05 in Florida, still too low and cut social programs.  You can’t do that and call yourself.

Here’s an interesting graph about the country’s debt.  link


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