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Fiasco In Miami

Posted in Entertainment, Social, Sports on November 9, 2013 by tattoohero

I’m sure most who have paid any attention to the sports section of the news knows about what is going on in Miami.   There are allegations of bullying by a veteran towards a younger player.  I don’t live in the Miami area, I’m about five hours north on I-95 in lowly Jaguar Country, so I don’t know all the details on what is  happening inside and outside the Dolphins locker room.  

From the outside looking in, it looks bad.  Hazing has been a part of our society since long before I was born in the late 1960’s.  As the years have gone past, hazing has slowly been frown upon.  Joking around is one thing, but being mean and vicious with the hazing is another.  Far too many think the younger player, Jonathan Martin, needs to “man up” and take the abuse from Richie Incognito.  

I’m not sure what bothers me more.  That bullying in the work place is allowed or how many fans are reacting to this story.  From the stories I’ve read on this through out the week, it seems to be all over the place.  I’m sure some place in the middle is the actual truth. Truth is this…we as fans will never know what was actually said between them or the context on which it was said.  

Maybe the coaches did ask Incognito to “toughen up, Martin”.  Does that mean threatening texts and voice messages were necessary to toughen up a younger player?  My question is if the coaching staff felt the Martin needed to be “toughen up”, why did keep him on their roster and not just release him?  Or draft him in the first place?  Did the Dolphins do enough digging during the interview process at the 2012 combine to get a glimpse of the character of Martin?

One story has a Wide Receiver saying Martin laughed at the text.  Martin may very well have done that, but doesn’t mean he found it haha funny, but used laughter to mask how he really felt.  People do struggle fitting in to groups.  Even ones they should fit easily into.  Martin could be that type of person.  Someone who struggles with mental issues.  A person is unsure if they fit well with others and may not say anything is bothering them, but they struggle every day with trying to fit in.

Do I know for certain this is happening in the Dolphins locker room?  No, of course not.  I don’t know either player nor have I even been to a football game in Miami.

From the outside looking in, it looks bad and it looks like its Penn State all over again.  People knew bad things were going on, but no one bothered to step up and stop it until it becomes too big and blows up in everyone’s face.


Brett Favre and Retirement or errrr…Not?

Posted in Sports on August 5, 2010 by tattoohero

I am sick and tired of Brett Favre’s actions every off-season.  Every year for more than I would like it will he or won’t he retire.  It really started after the 2006 season ending game at Chicago, which the Packers lost.   Favre looked horrible that day and was crying at the interview on the field after the game.   Since that day, it has been will Favre retire after every season.   It is growing tiresome.

And if he does say, “I am retiring.”, does he actually mean it.  He retired from the Packers and wanted to continue playing.  He retired from the Jets and then continued playing.  Now he is with the Vikings and it seems he is retiring.   Oh, no, wait…he might now be retiring again all in the same day.

I have read all types of articles around the web the past month from his agent saying he is tired of Favre’s antics to a Sports article stating that Brett is a bad leader.  That article was great.   I need to go look for it and post it.

I have been reading the Viking have offered $20 million.   Why?   He is already getting paid $13 million and made over $100 millions off the Packers alone, let alone the $20+ millions he made the last two season.   I think Favre is all about Brett, but I do not think he is all about money.  He could prove me wrong and take more money, but I think this is about the ankle he had surgery on a few months ago.

I suppose it is not healed yet.   Maybe that 40-year-old body is finally shutting down.  I would not doubt that one tiny bit, if that is the case.  If this is truly the end, then that last INT is a just and fitting end to a gunslinger.

That is a whole bunch of IFs, but then again, we are talking about Brett “Drama Queen” Favre.

EDIT: Found article. Enjoy reading it, I did.