Gaming and the Internet

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Gaming in the 21st Century isn’t that much different from gaming just two decades ago.  What has changed is more and more game publishers are requiring gamers to have an internet connection.  I understand why this is happening, but at that same time, I don’t agree with it.

What is a gamer to do when their own ISP is shooting craps and wants to play a game?  They’re stuck playing an older game because all the newer ones are tied to the internet some how.  A game might need you to be connected to the net all the time while playing.  MMOs are designed that way, but for that genre, it makes sense.   A game like SimCity having that requirement is plain unnecessary.  EA forced that on to SimCity even when majority of the fans of the game didn’t want it to be online only.  Many want to play it offline.

Why should a gamer be punished and forced to play older games because they are having ISP issues?  They shouldn’t.  Single-player games should always function fine offline.  There are games when played offline only function properly if you don’t have any download content added to the game.  Mass Effect 3 is a wonderful example of this.  I can play the game offline, but I can’t continue on a previous save because I’m offline and Origin can’t verify my DLC.

Now the sad thing is, I can play Mass Effect 3 on my Xbox 360 offline and not have an issue with the DLC.  It plays fine.  All the digital licenses are on the console’s hard drive.  Where on the PC, it is not.  I can play the retail portion of the game on the PC offline, but if any DLC is part of the save file, nope.  This is a frustrating issue and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.  I can play on my Xbox 360 and never connect to Xbox Live and still play every game I own and the DLC included.  I can not do that on PC.  Internet is a must for today’s games.  Microsoft mentions you’ll need to be always online with the XboxOne then back tracked on that when they felt the fans wrath of the requirement.

It’s bad enough when my own ISP isn’t working like it is supposed to.  Not allowing me to play the games I love compounds my frustration.  Do the gaming publishers even care about that?  To me, it seems EA does not.  Most of my PC games are from BioWare which is owned by EA.  EA is a frustrating company to deal with.  I’ve known this since the 1990’s when I had problems with one of the first PC games I ever bought.  I cringed when EA bought BioWare.    I’m sure I’m not the only gamer who feels that way when EA makes these moves.

Things are worse when the gaming company’s own servers are unreliable and have to be taken offline.  I knew when I pre-ordered SimCity I was required to be online always.  When SimCity launched, my ISP was working fine but EA/Maxxis servers were not.  They had to shut them down for a few days.  Nothing like eagerly awaiting a new game only to not be able to play it for several days during that first week.  Once they got more servers up and running, I’ve not had an issue with the game since when it comes to being able to log into the game servers.  Is it too much to ask for a game launch to go smoother than SimCity or even Blizzard’s Diablo III?  Which EA did not learn from.

Is it fair to the gamer when their MMO servers get shut down for a few days because the company is launching a new game?  To me that practice is utter nonsense.  Unfortunately, it does happen.  I feel bad for those unable to play the game they love because the company decided to temporary close the game servers so they can have a smoother time at a log-in server when launching a new title.  Here’s a concept for gaming companies.  Don’t tie all your games log-in through the same server.

Where does gaming go from here?  Soon everything we do will be tied 100% to the internet.  It seems to me at times, we are getting close to that now when most State agencies require you to sign-up or check-in via their website.  That is a rant for another day.  What is a gamer to do when they have few options for ISP where they live and want to game and their ISP won’t let them because is spotty connection.  Which took about a month for them to finally fix it.  I’m not with some small ISP company either.

I suppose I can always use my console when the net isn’t working at my house.  I’m not finding many new games to buy for it.  Same is true for the PC as well.  Certain games need to function without being constantly online.  I shouldn’t be gimped out of content because of the license only being active when the net is functioning.  Piracy led to this happening.  I don’t see things in the future changing, I see more and more things being tied to the net and I’m being to question if that is a good thing or not.


2013-The Lost Year of Gaming

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I have spent the majority of 2013 playing Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.  It’s the first MMO I have ever played.  After many months and many hours of play and I decided to take a break from the game.  I built a new gaming PC this past winter so I could play games like The Old Republic.  Which means I stopped playing games on my Xbox 360.  The past few days, I’ve been looking at games I might want to play that have been released this calendar year.  Besides the MMO, I also bought SimCity for PC.

The launch for SimCity was horrible and well published and blasted by the media and fans at the time, so I wont go into all of that.  I still play it a little bit but for the most part, I’m done with it.  I don’t think SimCity is a horrible game.  I got my money’s worth out of it and that is what matters to me the most.  Did I get good value from this purchase?  Some games I pay pennies on the dollar per hour played.  Others, yea, well, not every game I buy I like.  Same is true for movies.  Not every movie I’ve seen at the theater I liked.  It is the risk you take when going to a movie or buying a video game based on a preview or review.  Family and friends input help some, but not when you don’t play the same genre.

The genre I enjoy the most is role-playing games.  Oddly enough, I don’t enjoy the Japanese RPGs.  It’s the art and how all the characters look like kids with straight pointy hair.  I don’t care much for anime either.  Again, it’s the style of the art.  As I take a break from a MMO and start looking at single-player games, I have noticed the lack of new RPGs this year.  There are a few games next year I am looking forward to but 2013 none.  So I’m calling it the lost year of gaming.

Maybe because I left my Xbox behind for the PC for several months, but of the games released this year on the Xbox 360, none had me going….I MUST HAVE THAT GAME!  Not once.  As much as I love the Grand Theft Auto Series, I have no desire to play the newest installment.  I’m not sure why.  I spent many hours playing playing Grand Theft Auto IV.  The story was good with plenty of things to do on the side, but maybe as I grow older with age, my taste for things also change.

GTA as a series has graphic improvements and the developers have tweaked the controls with each passing game, but the game play itself has been the same since number III.  How many gangster movies can one watch before they start getting predictable and boring?  I’m finding myself over time playing few and few games.   When I don’t buy any new games for my Xbox for over a year, that says something.

Maybe it has to do with the simple fact, both Sony and Microsoft are releasing their next consoles later this month and next year will see a flood of games.  The game I want the most is slated for Fall 2014.  That’s a year away.  Maybe I’ll find a new game between now and then, but I’m not sure.  The games that I’ve seen are shooter style games which I don’t play.  The biggest titles are just more of the same with a fresh coat of paint on it.

Can Ubisoft NOT, I repeat NOT put out an Assassin Creed game for a year or two?  There was a two-year gap between Assassin Creed and Assassin Creed II, but since II.  There has been a game a year and it’s always released the last week of October.   As much as I love historical fiction, a game a year was too much and I quit playing after Brotherhood.  Same tiring game play and look.  Adding multi-player to it was a huge turn off for me as well as a game a year for five straight years.

First-person shooters have stopped with the World War II themed games, which I also felt had way too many titles.  But all they did was moved to a more modern theme and keep doing the same thing.  Is being a copy-cat society stifling creativity and originality?  You see it all through out time in music.  Listen to pop music and you’ll hear artist sounding similar in every era.  It has in my humble opinion gotten worse over the past two decades.

While most of the games on my Xbox I can play on my PC, I’m still not finding a game I missed this year.  I find that troubling.  As for games in the future, there are two I am looking forward to being released.  One is slated for Spring but no actual date.  Same with the Fall release, not actual date.  2014 is around the corner and I’m not even seeing a game coming out 1st quarter of 2014 I want.   So, I patiently waiting for the two games I am very interested into be released.  2013 is truly the lost year in gaming for me.  Playing a MMO that is about to hit its 2nd anniversary for eight months solid isn’t playing a new game.    Just saying.

Playing Kinect

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I know I haven’t blogged much the past few weeks/month or so.  On the 2nd, my disc drive on my Xbox 360 quit working.  So my  husband and I got a new fancy Xbox360 with the Kinect.  Only have the one game so far and it is fun to play.  Some of the games takes pictures of you or video of you playing and then you can upload them and share with others.
These are the three I uploaded today.   Enjoy.  These are from 2 January 2011.





What is wrong with this guy?

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OMG, there is something seriously wrong with Joe Rehyansy?  Momma dropped him on his head too many times as a baby?  In the closet?  Wants to convert a lesbian?  Or attempt to?  I do not know, but OMG this is one of the most fucked up things I have read lately.


It’s ok for straight men to rape? a lesbian?  What makes him think a lesbian wants to have sex with a guy?  Bi-sexual would, but not a lesbian.  What the fuck is wrong with you.  So, Joe, are you ok for the straight women going after the gay guys to convert them?  Is that what your thinking?   Or just straight men to lesbians?

28 Novemeber 2010 Award of Doucheness

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Today’s award for douche bag of the day goes to none other than Senator Kyl of Arizona.  And of course he is a GnOPer.  Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), the key Republican vote on the new START Treaty, said on Sunday that there was not enough time to pass a strategic arms pact with Russia this year.

Don’t give me that crap Kyl.  We all know you hate President Obama enough to not bother doing what is right for the security of this country.   Country be damn when it comes to making the President look bad.

Too bad Kyl, you are the one that looks bad.  You and all the other GnOPers out there.   If you and your buddies didn’t filibuster every fucking bill that comes before the Senate, you would have plenty of time to vote on this very important treaty.


Douchebag Award-26 November 2010

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Today, I have my choice of two douchebags.  So, I think I will hand out two today.  First one goes to my favorite hate machine, Rush “Drugster” Limbaugh.   I will be completely honest, the Drugster could get the award every time he opens that hateful piehole of his.

Yesterday just took the whole pie of hate.   What is with this guy?  He rips the President on his Thanksgiving Proclamation, when Obama said similar things Reagan did while he was President.

Drugster, you need to actually learn a thing or two about our Country before you can make comments that make ZERO sense.   In  other words, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Now for the second award.  Once again it is someone from the great state of Misery, oh I mean Missouri.  Do they teach any American History in Missouri?   The comments from this Rep. and Drugster makes me wonder.

The Pilgrims left England because of “Unbiblical” Socialism. HUH?  What the fuck does that mean?  Seriously?  Wasn’t Jesus a socialist by today’s standards? He was all about helping others.  Capitalism helps no one but rich fucks.  Does this guy even read the New Testament or just the Old.  Makes me wonder again what the hell is going on in Missouri.

Happy Thanksgiving

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I would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Here are a few things I am thankful this year.

No GnOP in the White House.  At least we have someone that thinks before he takes action.   How refreshing.  Do I agree with everthing?  Ah, NO.

Glad my husband has insurance so he can get his back fixed.  Or fixed enough were he doesn’t walk with a limp or hunched over.  Even though he has to always fight with the insurance company to actually pay the damn claims.

I am glad that our First Lady is getting under Sarah Palin’s skin.  OMG, the First Lady wants our children to be healthy and not obese.  We can’t have that.   It might actually save the country some money in the long run.

I will be back tomorrow with a few more awards to give out and I been lazy on doing that this week.
Watch plenty of football today!